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Reasons to Choose Pine Straw Mulch Over any Other Material

Every home deserves a lovely landscape to make it feel lively. Healthy green gardens are attractive and refreshing, and they make a home impressive. It is each homeowner’s responsibility to work on their landscape to keep it pleasant and healthy.

Maintaining a garden that is healthy calls for mulching to enhance your plants’ soil structure and decrease weed development. Mulching also makes a garden look neat. There are different types of mulches available, and they are developed from materials like wood chips, bark, pine straw, leaves, and so on. The difference in the mulching material produces varying effects, and of all kinds of mulches, pine straw or pine needles are outstanding.

Pine straws originate from evergreen trees, and they have many significant benefits over the other kinds of mulches. They cost less than other types of mulches, easier to move and handle. This makes them perfect for use on large surfaces. Pine straws stay in place during heavy rains, unlike other mulches which are washed away, causing a mess on the landscape. When there are high winds, these needles interlock, preventing them from blowing away.

Pine straws stay free and easy to crumble because crusts do not build on them. This allows water to get into the soil and their large air pockets prevent soggy grounds which can cause roots to rot. Fewer weeds grow through pine straws, minimizing the need to apply weed control chemicals which destroy roots and the bottom of trees. The aspects above make pine straws excellent for protecting your landscape, particularly the tender ornamentals and recently planted plants.

Pine straws slowly decompose and do not affect the soil’s PH significantly, making them sustainable in the long run. Their color and texture gives them an appeal which is more pleasing than other types of mulches. They create a carpet-like ground cover which is a perfect alternative for lawns in areas where growing grass is impossible. For example, heavy clay regions which do not drain adequately, heavily shaded areas which challenge the growth of grass and other plants, and compacted soil.

If by now you wish to use pine straw mulch for your landscape, you should consult a landscaping company which has experience with pine straws to assist you. The more experience they have, the higher their capability and reliability levels. You may require buying the pine needles from a pine straw company then assign the installation task to landscapers, or you may seek the services of a landscaping company which can do everything combined.

Make sure you research all possible proposals thoroughly to choose the one which suits you best. Check out the Internet or a person who has pine straw ground cover for recommendations.

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