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IP Telephony and its Advantages.

The communication world is one of the most innovative when it comes to technology. Innovative ideas in communication that make our lives much easier are developed every day. The need for communication channels that are efficient and affordable has necessitated the need for innovation in the field of communication. Unreliable and inefficient communication channels result in massive loss in the corporate world.

IP Telephony is one of the most notable advances that have been made in communication. Internet Protocol telephony refers to the technologies which use the Internet Protocol packet switched connections to send and receive voice, fax and other forms of information. In the past such communication was done over public switched telephone networks (PSTN). Over the internet, voice and text is carried as packets of data on shared lines thus eliminating the tolls of the public switched telephone network. There is also less government regulation on IP telephony compared to the traditional phone service. The way that businesses communicate with each other and their customers has been greatly revolutionized in terms of flexibility and affordability by the use of IP telephony. By switching to IP telephony businesses derive various benefits which include security of their communications, reduced costs of communication and increased productivity.

If a business is using the hosted VOIP solution, they have access to the various IP based applications. The investment on infrastructure and capital investment is minimal when switching to IP telephony. It costs a lot less to manage and maintain VoIP hosted services compared to managing and maintaining a traditional telephone service. In addition, IP Telephony carries both data and voice over a single network. The cost of investing in communication infrastructure is reduced this way.

Security is another benefit that businesses get from using IP telephony. Secure routing and remote access can be done through the use of Virtual private networks even over the public network. This way, the information is as secure as that sent over a private network. IP telephony also gives the user access to advanced features. Advanced features in IP telephony include video – conferencing and incoming call management at affordable rates. These features are equivalent to what the traditional corporate PBX system provides, but at a cheaper rate. For small and medium businesses, these features enable them to run more efficiently.

IP Telephone also greatly increases the productivity of a business. The provision of several applications and devices by IP telephony enables employees to work and communicate more effectively and in effect increasing their productivity. Collaboration for productivity is made possible through communication over the IP telephony.

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