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Urban Clothing: The Modern Day Style For Women

Urban clothing for women has been a clear stand out from the rest of the trends we have today. Trends can be very tricky in the sense that there are several components or inspiration that lead to such a certain style but when we talk about urban clothing, you can definitely say that hip hop has been a huge inspiration. Women empowerment has been a huge issue over the past few years and this is the very reason why more and more trends are trying to contribute to such a cause. Urban clothing is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that the style makes women feel not just confident but powerful, like they can take over the world if they wish to do so. Another thing making this trend popular is the fact that they do not make power seem so masculine but rather, women get to maintain their curves and their feminine persona. This is the kind of style that is said to be casual yet sexy. Crop tops are those tops worn by women today when they want to show off their sexy curves and flat stomachs and they would usually pair this with a tight fitted jeans. For women who want to achieve the boyish look, they would opt to wear sweat shirts that either have or do not have a hoodie.

No matter how down you feel in life, once you put on urban clothing, you have a sense of importance, like you can take over the world and do whatever you want with all the energy and enthusiasm you possess. The dress you put on showcases the kind of person you are and this is why women are so picky with whatever they wear since they are trying to show people the attitude they have within. Women who are a bit shy would most likely wear something that covers them up while those women who are considered fighters in life would wear urban clothing to show the world that they cannot be easily put down. Faded jeans and ripped or tattered ones are this generations favorite pair of jean style because they do not only look casual and feel comfy but it also portrays a bad girl attitude that every woman wants to have. As if the style is not enough, people today are also making a trend out of wearing shirts that have statements on them that show how much attitude they have and this could be in a form of a complete sentence, a sassy phrase, or a simple bad word. If that is still not enough, you can always go for patches, pictures or images of certain mundane things that you iron or sew on to your clothing to not only add more color but also more attitude.

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