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Understanding Different Types of Pet Treatments

When it comes to tick and flea protection for your pets, monthly treatment is crucial. Besides, it is easier and less expensive to protect your pets from infestations and disease than it is to treat them after a diagnosis. We’ve all seen that flea infestation treatments can be very expensive and a huge burden to pet owners, while tick-borne diseases can cause weight loss, pain and other possibly serious side effects to affected animals.

But what specific treatment will benefit them best? Obviously, this depends on various factors, including the nature of the various treatments available. To know which one is right for your pet, it’s a must to know their differences.

Topical Medicines

Topical treatments are applied directly to the skin of your pet so that it is absorbed and becomes part of the gland system that manufactures natural body oils. These oils then distribute the medicine throughout the pet’s body usually over a month. If you don’t have pets that spend time outside, you can get something that will only exterminate fleas. If your pets do spend a lot of time outdoors, get a product that works on fleas as well as ticks. Topicals are generally waterproof, which is favorable if you intend on bathing your pet while providing treatment.

Oral Medicines

Oral tablets are made for pets in need of speedy flea relief. They start acting in less than 30 minutes and may continue working for up to a full day, meaning they are a short-term treatment.


Flea and tick dips are diluted with water and directly applied to your pet like a bath, allowed to air dry, and then rinsed off. This treatment can keep fleas and ticks at bay for a maximum of 35 days. Be sure to keep the product out of your pet’s mouth or eyes.

Pet Collars

Common flea collars push fleas and ticks away through a substance that is dispersed all over the pet’s body. While they offer some amount of protection and are generally inexpensive, your pet may just find them irritating, especially with their powerful odor. Fortunately, flea collars have been improved over time. These products kill adult fleas and larva and kills and repel ticks via a slow release technology that enables them to work for a maximum of 8 months, making them quite economical. They are water-resistant and odor-free as well.


Flea and tick shampoos typically wipe out adult fleas and ticks with contact and this will be effective for 5-14 days.

Home Treatments

Sections of the home could be spot treated with anti-tick and flea sprays and powders, or the whole house may be fogged. You will find professional pest control services that offer home flea treatments.

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