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Signs of Roof Damage

The roof makes for an essential section of any house. The roof also receives the most severe punishment from the elements. Considering the fact that we are facing more and more storms, this part of your house will get damaged even more. You can expect nothing but holes, leaks, and indoor flooding. You need to know the difference between a roof with integrity, and one that allows water damage. Here are the things that will point you in the right direction.
You can tell there is a problem when you see water stains. The ceiling will have dark, circular spots. Those spots tell you that the water damage sustained was enough to let water pass through. The roof needs to be inspected at that point for the extent of the damage. You will find that it is broken shingles that are to blame.
When you see broken or missing shingles, you will know there is a problem. If they fell off, you will find the shingles around the house. It also calls for you to go up the roof the check closely. Rain water and the wind are the major factors leading to the shingles getting loose. You need not suspend acting on even one missing shingle, as that is enough to damage your roof further. It is also easier to replace one than to have to replace the entire roof.
If you see shingle granules in the gutter, you need to worry. The more they are, the extensive the water damage you face. Rain will damage the shingles, as will the heat of the sun. You also need to act fast to replace them, instead of waiting for a complete roof replacement.
You also need to worry about soft wood decking. You can check by climbing on the roof and walking about. Do so carefully, to avoid crashing in with the rotten pieces. Soft wood betrays rotting wood, not just water damage.
A sagging ceiling should also not be left unattended. Water damage does not necessarily show itself as the dark circular spots, but may also appear as saggy sections with bubbles and curves. When nothing is done, the water collects to a point where it overwhelms the ceiling and floods the room.
Water leaking tells you the damage on the roof is substantial. Wet spots on the floor mean you should be prepared for a major roof repair or a replacement project. The best thing is to prevent things from getting to that point.
These signs are best detected when there has been rainfall. It is important to act then before the next rainy season. You can visit this site to discover more ways to handle such issues and professional help.

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