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Cool Speakers to Liven Up Your Room

There are a lot of people who enjoy listening to music and the best way to listen to good music is to have cool speakers to go with them. The best trait of a cool speaker is that it has excellent performance. And not only that but the best cool speakers around also have great designs.

These two criteria, high performance, and design, will help you choose a cool speak in the market. If you want to know what the best speakers are that can elevate your room, check out the list below.

If you buy the BeoPlay 53 Bluetooth speaker it will give you excellent performance in a clean, natural sound. It gives you great performance for your great enjoyment. The design of this speaker makes it easy to match the design of any kind of room.

The sounds of the Big Blue Wireless studio Speaker is very clear. If you have Bluetooth enabled devices, then you can pair them with this speaker. Its being wireless is great for any room since there are no wires that will compromise your room design. The materials used makes you room very good to look at since it is made of silk.

Another great cool speaker is the Stelle Bluetooth Audio Pillar which has a very unique design. There are many different colors you can choose from which can fit any type of interior design. This speaks has a very good sound quality, has a long life for its battery, and wireless connectivity is easy.

If you want a speaker that you can use for music and for home communications, then you should get the Triby. It is known to have a simple design which is child-friendly. This can be used for internet calls using your Bluetooth.

The Sugr Cube is a fun and interactive speaker that you can control with your mobile devices. It has no need for control buttons and this makes its design unique. This colorful and stylish speaker with its natural wood grain will really enhance the beauty of your room.

The ZVE Wooden Bluetooth speaker is a great gift item since it comes with a box which is very stylish. It has a simple design which can fit any room or any car. It is a cool speaker that can fit your pockets. You room becomes more stylish because of the fabric material that it uses.

The Hidden Radio 2 remains hidden when it is not in use. But when it is played, then you will be able to see it. It is made of black and white and can fit most interior designs. The furniture that will best match this hidden speaker is Eames furniture.

Two other speakers worth mentioning are the Pill+ and the Muji which performs excellently and has great designs.

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